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Name:Jason Wyndgarde


Jason Wyndgarde is not the kind of mutant to fret and brood over the "curse" of his powers and the world that might hate and fear him. Instead, he chooses to use his abilities to his own advantage, taking from the world and forcing innocent people to do his bidding and fulfill his needs and desires with absolutely no regret or compunction. As a founding member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the man who calls himself "Mastermind" is more than happy to play the part.

Mastermind is capable of implanting images and ideas into other people's minds, fantasies so real and vivid that they are incapable of telling them from reality. This allows him to, in effect, control their minds completely and force them to behave or believe anything he likes. His power is capable of holding many people within his immediate area under his influence, and the images and alterations persist as long as he is conscious.


Wyndgarde has no particular default canon point, basically existing in a state where he's at his most typical, able to be folded into the Fox X-Men universe, the MCU, or anywhere else he needs to play.

I can play in action or prose, past or present tense, as needed. I'm not the fastest tagger, but will happily backtag a thread forever, so don't worry when RL gets in the way. Mun and muse are 21+ Mastermind belongs to Marvel Comics, Oded Fehr is his own person, and I lay claim to neither.

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