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Jason Wyndgarde ([personal profile] psionic_virus) wrote 2017-03-09 12:24 am (UTC)

As the woman approached, Jason grew more intrigued with her. He grasped the girl between his legs by the hair and pulled her away from his cock. His power reached out to the teen. "That's enough for now, but stay close in case I call on you." With a nod, the girl took a seat at a nearby table, placidly watching them as though simply passing the time.

Jason's attention returned to the older woman, and he nodded. "Masane. Nice to meet you. All you need to call me is 'Sir'."

"Tell me, Masane, when was the last time you were properly fucked?"

[OOC: Gotcha. Probably not, but I'll let you know.]

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